Utility: staking and locking

As GEIST has no governance or ownership, there is also no protocol treasury. Instead, 50% of the revenue generated through borrowing is distributed directly to users who stake GEIST. Both lenders and borrowers receive GEIST rewards to incentivize protocol use.
GEIST liquidity mining employs a mechanism first introduced by Ellipsis Finance on BSC. Rewards are vested for 3 months, but may be claimed immediately for a 50% penalty. The penalty is then distributed to users who choose to lock GEIST for 3 months. This mechanism ensures steady rewards for those who actively commit to the protocol by locking their tokens.
GEIST stakers receive protocol fees, GEIST lockers receive protocol fees as well as exit penalties from users who exit their vests early.


GEIST has a total supply of 1,000,000,000.
  • 40% given as incentives for lenders and borrowers, released over a period of five years
  • 20% given as incentives for GEIST/FTM liquidity providers, released over a period of five years
  • 20% allocated for airdrops and incentives to related DeFi communities, happening over a minimum of one year (including Curve gauge bribes and others listed below)
  • 20% to the team, released linearly over one year


For the technically minded, the exact monthly emission rate is calculated as:
50,000,000 / 1.0904 ** n
where n is the number of months since launch. Emissions are split 66/33 between lending/borrowing and “pool 2”.