Protocol Owned DEX Liquidity

What is PODL?

The Protocol Owned DEX Liquidity (PODL) is a module that buys LP tokens using 50% of Geist’s FTM treasury rewards. All purchased GEISTFTM LP tokens are locked forever to ensure healthy ongoing liquidity and effectively making less GEIST Tokens available over a long enough timeframe.
As an incentive, PODL offers a 10% premium on GEISTFTM price.

 PODL is not mandatory by any mean, it is a way to exit your LP position by selling your GEISTFTM directly to the protocol. By doing this, you are both helping the protocol and getting a profit, it’s a win-win situation.

What is Super PODL?

Super PODL is an “extension” of PODL available to people with more than 10k locked Geist. Once you Super PODL to buy all the available FTM treasury at once, it incurs a one week cooldown..

How do I PODL?

To use PODL, you can go to the PODL page, approve the contract spending GEISTFTM on your behalf if you haven’t already, pick an amount of FTM to buy and press the “Buy FTM” button.

How do I super PODL?

To use Super PODL, you can go to the PODL page, approve the contract spending GEISTFTM on your behalf if you haven’t already and press the “aaaaaaaah I’m super podliiiiing” button.

I locked Geist tokens, why can't I PODL?

The amont of FTM you can buy depends on your amount of locked Geist and the amount of FTM available in the treasury.
GEISTFTM tokens need to be unstaked to be sold to the treasury.

You can see this number on the PODL page (“Based on your locked GEIST, you can buy: X FTM“). 

Note that PODL button is disabled if the amount of buyable FTM is smaller than 1. 

The amount of buyable FTM is given by the formula:

buyable FTM = 25 * available FTM in treasury * (your locked Geist / total locked Geist)
Given the available FTM in the treasury refills as FTM borrowing fees are paid.

I locked more than 10k Geist, why can’t I Super PODL?

In order to Super PODL, you need enough unstaked GEISTFTM to buy the entire treasury.
Meaning you need at least: available FTM in the treasury / GEISTFTM price (in FTM)

Where can I see PODL stats?

You can see PODL stats on the PODL page:
  • FTM currently available in the treasury
  • GEISTFTM held by the treasury
  • Total FTM sold

Does the treasury stake GEISTFTM?

The treasury does not stake GEISTFTM, it only holds them, so it does not dilute LP staking rewards (distributed amongst LP stakers). In fact, it can even increase them as people unstake their LP tokens to sell them to PODL (reducing the total amount of staked LP tokens).