Solidex Lock Fees

Geist entered a partnership with Solidex, a yield aggregator for Solidly. This means the Geist treasury owns a substantial amount of SOLID and SEX. Rewards will be distributed to GEIST lockers.


Solidex rewards will be distributed to our current GEIST lockers continuously through a brand new mechanism.
Please be aware that only current GEIST lockers are eligible for the rewards, expired locks are not eligible.


Geist lockers are invited to visit the Manage Geist page and click the “Register Locked Balance” button found at the bottom of the page. This will record your current lock balance.
Lockers are required to register for Solidex Lock Fees on a weekly basis before the Thursday midnight (UTC) deadline to be eligible for the weekly airdrop.
You should also register your new balance every time you lock more GEIST.


Your Solidex rewards will begin accruing continuously from the following epoch which starts at midnight UTC on Thursday. Therefore, to be eligible, GEIST lockers will need to register before Thursday at midnight UTC (and at least once every week after that).
Rewards will be available to claim on the Manage Geist page, by clicking on the "Claim All" button found at the very bottom of the page.
By claiming, you will also register your balance. Which means that by claiming weekly, you will always have your current amount of GEIST locked registered.

More information

Solidex rewards will be streamed continuously to all Geist lockers who have done the above.
For those who aren’t familiar, you can find information about Solidex by clicking here.