Staking and Locking

What is staking?

GEIST stakers receive 50% of protocol revenue. You can exit staking without a penalty whenever you wish.

What is locking?

Just like staking, locking means you receive a share of protocol fees. Because you are committed to the Geist protocol by being locked for three months, you will also receive penalty fees from those exiting their vests early. You cannot exit a lock early.

How does it work?

For borrowers and lenders:
  • GEIST rewards are vested for three (3) months, but can be claimed early at a 50% penalty.
  • Exiting a vest early always incurs a 50% penalty no matter how early or late you choose to exit.
  • The 50% penalty paid is distributed continuously to GEIST lockers.
For lockers:
  • The lock date are grouped by the week. Any lock between Thursday 00:00 UTC to Wednesday 23:59 UTC are grouped in the same week group, and will release at the same time three (3) months later.
  • The locked GEIST is subject to a mandatory three (3) months lock, and cannot be unlocked early.
  • GEIST reward from locking GEIST can be claimed anytime with no penalty. You will keep the APR for locking GEIST after the three (3) months lock until you claim the newly unlocked GEIST.